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Custom Recombinant proteins

Items Details
  • Necessary Info
    1. Full name of the gene, NCBI # or Uniprot ID.
    2. If possible, provide us the full sequence of the gene (optional).
    3. Expected application: ELISA? WB? IHC? ICC? IF? Flow Cyto?.....
    4. Need manufacture human protein or other species?
    5. Usually, we will give tags to the protein unless customers indicated that they do not accept.
    6. Any requirements for LPS?
    7. Any requirements for storage buffer? And preservatives?
    8. Any requirements for the source of protein? Like E.coli? Yeast? Etc. (We usually express protein in E.coli, if for other sources, price will be increased, please inquiry.)
    9. How many do the customers hope to get? 1mg? 10mg? 100mg? Or more?
    10. Active or not? Usually, the protein we manufactured is active, we will test and give the activity data, but for some special custom manufactured proteins, there may be no antibody or related material or test method to test their activity, if so, we can provide few for customers for testing the activity in their own labs.
    11. Other special requirements if have.
  • Protocol
    1. Analyze the sequence, design and synthesize the gene with tags. (If for more than 300 genes, the price will be increased). 
    2. Construct the carrier and express the protein.
    3. Nickel column purification.
    4. Ionic column purification.
  • Quality Control
    1. ELISA testing
    2. SDS-PAGE or/and HPLC for purity
    3. Activity testing
    4. LPS testing
    5. The expected application with the same or the similar samples of customers
    6. Others which required by end users
  • Time
    30 days (maybe prolonged or decreased for different proteins)
  • Provided products
    1. Required protein (Volume should be determined by the customer)
    2. Report for the whole service
  • Price
    Please inquiry
  • Others
    1. If customer can provide the gene, the price will be cheaper, please inquiry.
    2. We respect the intellectual property of the antibody, will not sell it commercially unless get the permit from customer.