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Custom ELISA kits

We just can provide custom service for Quantitative Sandwich ELISA Kits by now, for this, this service must be subjected to the matched antibody pairs, so we can NOT provide such service for all / any targets or all / any species, please inquiry before ordering.

Items Details
  • Necessary Info
    1. Full name of the target, NCBI # or Uniprot ID.
    2. If possible, provide us the full sequence of the target (optional).
    3. What species the kit was expected to test? Human? Rat? Mouse? Or others?
    4. What samples the kit plan to detect? Please indicated in detail, like human serum, rat plasma, etc.
    5. How many kits you hope to get.
    6. Other special requirements if have.
  • Protocol
    1. Manufacture the antibodies & standards, do the matched pair experiments.
    2. Precoat the plate and do the inner QC.
    3. Test with the expected samples.
  • Quality Control
    1. Standard curve.
    2. %CV of the Intra- & Inter-assay.
    3. Recovery.
    4. Sensitivity & specifity.
    5. Samples detection.

  • Time
    3-4 weeks once the service order was confirmed or longer (will notify in advance).
  • Provided products
    1. ELISA kit with 96T
    2. Datasheet, Protocol & Quality Control Report

  • Price
    Please inquiry
  • Others
    1. Please let us know if there is any other requirements for such service.
    2. We also provide the custom pre-coating plates service, for this, customers can provide us the coating / capture antibody, the volume should be determined by the precoating plates quantity, and small volume of detection antibody and standards for determining the concentration of coating and simple QC.
    3. If there is no any special requirement for the system, we will manufacture the ELISA kits with Biotin + ABC system, that is, conjugating the detection antibody to Biotin.
    4. For ELISA kits, once the kits are ready, we will also release them as our new products, so, the price for custom ELISA kits will NOT to high; but if hope to do the outright purchases, please inquiry in advance.