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Custom monoclonal antibodies

For monoclonal antibodies, we can manufacture mouse monoclonal antibodiesIn addition, the immunogen can be synthesized peptide or recombinant protein, customers can choose according to their own assays and requirements. Please check the following details:

Items Details
  • Necessary Info
    1. Full name of the gene, NCBI # or Uniprot ID.
    2. If possible, provide us the full sequence of the gene (optional).
    3. Expected application: ELISA? WB? IHC? ICC? IF? Flow Cyto?.....
    4. What sample the antibody plan to detect? Please indicated this in detail, e.g. A431 cell lysate, mouse lung tissue, etc.
    5. Other requirements: like need tag at the sequence; just need anti-serum? Manufacture according to the customers' sequence, etc. 
  • Protocol
    1. Analyze the sequence, design and synthesize the peptide. (15-20aa, for longer, the price will be increased). 
    2. Conjugated the peptides with the carrier, usually the KLH or BSA.
    3. Immunize mouse (usually 5 Balb/c mouses) with the peptides.
    4. Cell fusion.
    5. Screen the best positive clone.
    6. Hybridoma cloning.
    7. Freeze and recovery the hybridoma cells.
    8. Culture in vitro to get cell culture supernatants, inoculate in vivo to get ascites.
    9. Purify the ascites to get antibody and test.
  • Quality Control
    1. ELISA (1:20000-100000) with high stability & sensitivity
    2. The expected application with the same or the similar samples of customers
  • Time
    150 days (maybe prolonged or decreased for different antibodies)
  • Provided products
    1. ≥3 hybridoma cells.
    2. Purified antibody, 5mg-10mg.
    3. Report for the whole service & manual
  • Price
    Please inquiry
  • Others
    1. If customer can provide the peptide (requirements: volume: 3-5mg for each gene, purity > 85%).
    2. If customer just need ascites, not the purified antibodies, the price will be different, please inquiry and indicate at the beginning.
    3. We respect the intellectual property of the antibody, will not sell it commercially unless get the permit from customer.

    Please note: The above information is for custom monoclonal antibodies which used the synthesized peptide as the immunogen, we also provide the custom monoclonal antibodies service which used the recombinant protein as immunogen, please inquiry for the details.